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R+E is all about providing great client service under less than ideal circumstances. If you are facing chronic relationship problems in Mississippi, or some type of discovery blows the lid off the married life you were living, turn to us.  We also conduct similar initial consultations for all of the other services you have been reading about on this site.

If you feel good about the stuff you have been reading, the best way we can help is by conducting an initial consultation in person or over the telephone. To set up this meeting, call our office at 601.898.8655 or submit an intake form from this website. We need some basic information to run a conflict check. We need to know the “players” to make sure none of our existing clients’ interests will intersect with yours. If we do not have a conflict, a client services coordinator will set a meeting with one of our attorneys. During the initial contact with one of our attorneys, he or she will spend 1 – 2 hours in communication about your money, kids, life, dreams, goals and the development of a plan about all of the above. Click the tabs to learn more or proceed straight to the Intake Form below.

Tell me more about the conflict check.

Lawyers are governed by ethical rules, thank goodness. Loyalty is an essential element in our future relationship.  We want you to be loyal to us and you certainly want us to be loyal to you.  As a general proposition, our loyalty to you prohibits undertaking any representation directly adverse to your interest without your consent.  That goes for all of our other clients too.

At R+E, lots of people call us, many people come in for meetings, and we decide to represent a select few.  If you contact our office, we are required by the rules governing our profession and just good common sense to make sure none of our people have an ethical or personal conflict with your interests –that’s bad for us and bad for you.

What happens during the meeting?

Once it is time for the meeting, a team member will escort you into one of our conference rooms. In our meeting, we will discuss the biographical information of the family, family income, vocational experience, business interests, assets, liabilities, daily life, health issues, educational concerns and insurance coverage. Once we have the basics, we will simply ask you to tell us your life story. How did you get from what you imagined your marriage to be to what it has become? What are your priorities? How would you articulate a positive outcome to a less than positive situation?

May I pay for the initial consultation in advance?

Yes.  In fact, we would appreciate getting the business side of things out of the way so we can focus on you.  Here is the link.  If you do not want a financial record of your meeting with us, paying in cash is not a problem.

What happens after the first meeting?

Toward the end of our meeting, we will provide you with a folder containing more information and we will quote you a price for our service. The folder will have our standard Employment Contract, financial declaration forms with instructions, information on co-parenting and the Mississippi custody factors (if applicable), tools to help organize and evaluate your life story as it relates to divorce and your dreams post-divorce. We may make referrals or recommendations at this point to a financial planner, private investigator, CPA and/or counselor. We may suggest you watch a certain movie or read a book or two. The goal of the first meeting is for us to have an overview of financial information and to begin understanding your life and marriage. Most of the time, we can help develop a plan for the accomplishment of your goals, even if you lack full clarity, and often even if you are totally undecided about whether or not to take legal action.  Finally, we will have a free follow up meeting or telephone call to answer any questions you may need to discuss.

How much will this cost?

Our initial consultations cost $500. Once we understand all the dynamics of your case, we can quote you a custom fee arrangement. Obviously, the less complicated the situation, the lower the fee. We are positive the minimal investment to have an initial consultation with one of our attorneys will be well worth your time, energy and financial investment. Call our office or submit the confidential online intake form and start down the path to better understanding. If you are not quite ready, that’s fine too. The more time you spend on this website, the more you will learn about what you are facing.

Do you have more videos I can watch about the initial consultation?

Yes.   Here is a link with Craig Robertson talking about the process.  Here is a link with Matt Easterling talking about the process.  You can also visit our Vimeo page for lots of other free information about family law in Mississippi.

The initial consultation is by far the most important meeting with any client.

Craig Robertson, Founder of R+E

Take the First Step

The First Step in working with R+E requires the completion of an intake form online or over the telephone. At this stage we are only looking for information to evaluate your case.  You understand and agree the information you are giving is public.  You should reveal no information that would be harmful to your case if known by others.  Disclosing information on the form below does not create the attorney-client relationship and does not prohibit this firm from representing a different person in this matter.  This is not the time to reveal secrets.  To create the attorney-client relationship you need to be interviewed by an attorney at our firm and retain us.  Again, the purpose of this form is to provide us with public information so we may complete a conflict check and determine whether or not we can help you. Please note we do not provide free consultations.  One of our team members will be in touch with you to let you know how we can be helpful. If this form is submitted over the weekend or during the holidays, someone will contact you the first day the office reopens.