At R+E, we are family law specialists. Divorce is the cornerstone of family law, because many of the other family law practice areas in Mississippi are also included within or affected by divorce. Child custody is a good example. Alienation of Affection lawsuits are another. Of course, adoptions sort of stand on their own, but when complex adoption dynamics are present, the tool box of a divorce litigator is often what you need to protect the child.

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While the people who get divorced are each different, the fact patterns and tools for resolution can become routine for better attorneys who practice high end divorce. However, other nuances of family law can be extremely custom, because you are working on the foundation of the work of other people and sometimes lots of time has past. When things go wrong post-divorce, especially when children are involved, the broad experience and perspective of a firm like R+E will save you time and money, and it may just save your life or the life of your child.

If your situation involves or impacts your family dynamic, we will probably be able to help you. If not, send in an intake form or call us anyway, and we will get you a referral to someone you can trust.

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Alienation of Affection

Mississippi is one of the few states keeping the old tort of Alienation of Affection alive and well. AA is a dynamic to consider in every situation where there may be infidelity, and R+E has advised the famous, the infamous and potential plaintiffs about this unique relic remaining a part of Mississippi law.


We are thrilled to use our time, talent and ability to help families live out their adoption story. At R+E, we focus on more complex adoption situations as opposed to the traditional birthmother/adoptive parent dynamic, although we have been known to do those too! We stand apart from adoption only firms due to the diversity of our family law practice.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

A courtroom battle is not always the best approach to your family’s next chapter. In fact, it is almost always inefficient –and we are not only talking about money. How much value do you place on a good night sleep and being free from the pressure and worry of public litigation about private matters?

Custody and Visitation

We know your children are your most important assets. We also know you want a custom resolution to complicated legal and physical custodial situations with a practical approach to your future parenting plan.

Post Divorce Modification

If things are not working anymore, the law provides a mechanism to change the terms of custody, visitation, support and certain types of alimony.

Prenuptial Agreements

In second marriages or when complicated estates are involved, a prenuptial agreement can make sure everyone is on the same page from the very beginning, which is the only way to start a marriage.

Post Divorce Contempt

When people divorce, the Judgment becomes the law. Sometimes you need help to enforce what the Judge ordered or what was agreed out of court.

Child Support

Child support entails more than money for food, clothing and shelter. Our teams not only can quickly and accurately use Mississippi’s child support guidelines, we work to fully understand your family’s unique financial circumstances and how they impact child support.

Parental Rights

Establishing or terminating parental rights is a delicate area of the law needing the expert attention our attorneys provide.

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