In this special Easter edition of the R+E podcast, Craig along with co-hosts Eva and Roane Hunter from LifeWorks Counseling meet with Tray and Melody Lovvern from Undone Redone to learn about their journey through sexual addiction and infidelity to redemptive grace.  Tray and Melody openly share their road to healing and how they were able to break free from the performance treadmill on which they had been running their entire lives.  This amazing couple discuss how working through the heartbreak and pain of divorce led them to a heartwarming reconciliation years later.  Pulling from their own struggles, Tray and Melody, through their Undone Redone Project, are now able to assist others work through the brokenness and messiness of life and marriage.

Show Notes

The episode was recorded on November 9, 2020 at the offices of R+E by Blue Sky Media as well as the offices of Tray and Melody Lovvorn.


Transcript Coming Soon