The Robertson and Easterling Podcast with LifeWorks Counseling

We are now in our 4th season of production of The Robertson and Easterling Podcast, approaching 10,000 downloads.  We think if you take the time to listen, you will have a better understanding of the journey upon which you are about to embark.

The cool thing about the podcast is the platform it creates for you to privately engage with the stories of other brave people that not only went before you, but were also willing to talk about it.  In addition, this is the opportunity to become free and take control of your life and the transformation you are seeking. In this groundbreaking, Mississippi focused podcast, you will hear deep discussions about marriage, parenting, divorce and post-divorce recovery from former clients, mental health professionals and others who work in and around the legal system or who have special knowledge they are willing to offer.  We have also published shows with people who have overcome hard circumstances to stay together.

You will hear informative, refreshing and inspiring real life stories and practical advice from the hosts and their guests. Whether you are seeking to enrich your marriage or begin the next chapter of your journey through divorce, this creative podcast will arm you with the information you need to live healthy and whole.

We are excited to continue our partnership with our friends Roane and Eva Hunter of LifeWorks Counseling. Lifeworks Counseling are Christian counselors who work with their clients to find the freedom to live their best life through health and wholeness. We also have two new sponsors, Kristi Tidwell and Kelly Engelmann. Kristi is a certified financial planner and the founder of New Path Planning. Kristi’s own walk through divorce coupled with 20 years of experience make her a perfect advocate for others on a similar path. And Kelly is the founder of Enhanced Wellness Living, Mississippi’s leading Functional Medicine Clinic. Her team’s food-first approach to healing along with a variety of lifestyle and regenerative treatment options sets you on a journey to take control of your health and live life well.



Real. Life. Stories.

37. Kristi Tidwell: Number Crunching When It Matters the Most

Certified Financial Planner Kristi Tidwell did not fully comprehend the long-term financial effects a divorce would have on a family until she lived it herself.  But weathering the storm of her own personal journey, she found a new calling and a way to use her expert knowledge to help others in the same situation sift through the financial complexities of starting over.  A divorce is the single biggest financial event in a person’s life, and to ensure the best possible outcome, it helps to have a person like Kristi focused on crunching the numbers when it matters the most.  Listen as she discusses her walk through divorce, common financial mistakes and how to walk away from the process with new found confidence and fiscal health.



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36. Roane and Roe Hunter:  Something Was Wrong and Now Things Are Confusing

As a parent, how does one model the “right” behavior for their children when things are personally unbearable?  Roane and Roe Hunter share their family story with Jamie Walley and Craig Robertson.  As a father struggling with the intense pressures of providing for his family while also juggling porn/sex addiction, Roane found himself in a deep, dark hole he couldn’t escape.  This Father/Son duo walk through their journey from depression, anger, attempted suicide and shame to forgiveness and ultimately seeing God’s love in all things, partnering together to bring healing to other fathers and sons.



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35. Jason and Andi on Fantasy vs. Reality

Craig and Eva join Texas natives Jason and Andi to tell the story of their journey from young, naive love to intensely complicated married life.  As a couple consisting of codependents with separate ideas and expectations, the pressure placed on each to make the other “complete” was overwhelming. Jason and Andi share the importance of breaking through the fantasy by seeking help from wise, professional counselors, putting in the work to improve the marriage, and the necessity of a supportive community.



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34. Troy and Melissa Haas: Consistent Action Over Time

What happens when things appear “right” on the outside but the inside is a complete mess?  Troy and Melissa Haas, founders of HopeQuest Ministry Group, share their personal story detailing how their lives completely changed once their hearts became truly healthy.  This couple discusses their journey from addiction and co-dependency to healing, noting the importance of the few, trustworthy people who walked with them to make things right from the inside out.


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33. Eli Machen: Secrets, Silence and Judgment

Craig and Roane spend time with Eli Machen, renowned author, speaker and certified counselor, to uncover the reasons why people cheat.  Referencing his multi-decade experience as a specialist in the field of sex addiction, Eli discusses the significance of understanding the root cause of one’s problem as well as how to recover from that addiction. Travel along on their journey to learn how one can overcome the darkness and despair of self-loathing to get to a place of trust and understanding.

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32. Ben Derrick: Heart Not Habits – What the Bible Says About Divorce

Matt, Craig and Roane have a conversation with Ben Derrick, Pastor of Vertical Church, and discuss what the Bible says about divorce and how our culture affects our interpretation of it.  Oftentimes there is a huge difference between reality versus ideology, so it’s important to seek wise counsel in handling the complexities surrounding such a momentous life decision.  Listen in as they challenge the normal divorce debate of what is considered “Biblical” and “permissible”.

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31. Jamie Walley: Pain is Never a Reason Not to Love

Join Craig as he talks with Jamie Walley, pastor of First Baptist Church of Florence, about his family’s remarkable journey through adoption.  The Walley’s choice to parent and love a child, who was biologically someone else’s, was a deliberate, selfless act that not only changed his future, it saved his life.  You will learn how one family’s desire to bring love to those needing it the most, actually revealed more to them than they could ever imagine.
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30. Tray and Melody Lovvorn: Grace Awakening

In this special Easter edition of the R+E podcast, Craig along with co-hosts Eva and Roane Hunter from LifeWorks Counseling meet with Tray and Melody Lovvern from Undone Redone to learn about their journey through sexual addiction and infidelity to redemptive grace.  Tray and Melody openly share their road to healing and how they were able to break free from the performance treadmill on which they had been running their entire lives.  This amazing couple discuss how working through the heartbreak and pain of divorce led them to a heartwarming reconciliation years later.  Pulling from their own struggles, Tray and Melody, through their Undone Redone Project, are now able to assist others work through the brokenness and messiness of life and marriage.

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29. Chris Tipton: Financial Clarity, Complexity and Alignment

Matt and Craig sit down with long-time friend and trusted financial advisor, Chris Tipton, to discuss the three obstacles that plague many families’ financial dreams: lack of clarity, complexity and lack of alignment.  Chris dives into these three topics and outlines the importance of creating a cohesive plan to ensure long-term financial success not only for the current generation, but for multiple generations.  A cautious, reasoned approach devoid of emotion is essential to make necessary decisions to attain one’s goals.  Similar to divorce, the decisions made at the end are what one lives with forever – through good or bad.  Listen in as Chris provides insight into how staying engaged and involved can make an enormous difference in one’s financial life.
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28. Mark and Ellen: The Unusually, Beautiful Crazy Journey of Redemption

In this special Valentine’s Day edition of the R+E podcast, Craig and special co-host Roane Hunter of LifeWorks Counseling have a conversation with married couple Mark and Ellen, who vulnerably share their journey through addiction and codependency on the road to eventual marital restoration.  Mark and Ellen tell our listeners that wise counsel not only saved their marriage, it probably saved their lives.

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I’ve had the privilege to work with both Craig and Matt and can say they both are outstanding to work with. From the moment I walked into their offices to finalizing my legal issues to questions that come up periodically they are always available and able to offer excellent legal advice. Would recommend them without hesitation.

We used Robertson & Easterling to finalize 5 adoptions. The staff is wonderful and Craig goes above and beyond to make sure your experience is smooth and worry free. We will definitely use them again and would recommend them to any family.

I trust Craig Robertson & Matt Easterling. These guys know what they are doing and are highly respected in the Family Law arena. I consistently recommended this group and always received huge thanks from clients that have worked with R+E.

In my child custody/guardianship case, Craig told us what to expect, how to deal with it and takes care of details. As issues have arisen over time, he (or his firm) have kept us on top of things. His strong suit is in the courtroom. He knows the law and has the confidence to carry it through. Would recommend him highly.

Who knew that family law attorneys could be pro-family? Matt and Craig are for their clients. They want what’s best for you. If that means having you work harder to stay married, they’re for it. If it means having difficult conversations to expose irrational thought processes, they have them. These guys are interested in the person that walks in the door not the check book in their pocket. I appreciate the time they spent with me. They help me understand my options and how they would potentially affect all parties involved. Thank you R+E!

Robertson & Easterling are simply the very best in their field!! I hired Matt for my divorce, and it was the best decision for me and my situation. On the very first phone call, I was put me at ease with compassion and care. From start to finish the level of detailed knowledge, professionalism, warmth, and above and beyond service, are what make this firm a standout. More importantly, they possess a very high level of integrity, honor and trustworthiness, making them, in my opinion, priceless and invaluable. You are in good hands with them, and I highly recommend Robertson & Easterling!

I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work in helping to finalize the child support settlement. You did an excellent job, and I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking expert legal advice.

Matthew Easterling was the epitome of both professionalism and compassion as he helped our family during an absolute legal crisis. Our case was unique in many aspects; including the fact that a criminal court component was involved. He not only handled our family court issues wonderfully, but he was an asset to our criminal attorney in those proceedings as well.

During the darkest days of my life I was referred to Matt Easterling by a family member. He represented me in a very complicated custody case and divorce. And then again when the situation got worse. I was being attacked at every angle and I felt like Matt came to my rescue. He worked endlessly on my case to help me get the results that I was happy and comfortable with. I felt he was very knowledgeable and always felt like I was in good hands. I would not only recommend him, but highly recommend him to anyone in need. Thanks, Matt! For everything!

Thanks for everything you did to make this divorce as painless as possible. As I said in the beginning, I wanted it my way or I would not be happy. Today, I walked out of your office with a smile on my face. I never thought I would get everything I wanted. If it wasn’t for my faith in God and my trust in you, I do not know how I would have made it to today. Again, thank you for doing such a great job! Hope we can meet on better terms in the future.

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