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We are now in our 5th season of production of The Robertson and Easterling Podcast, with over 10,000 downloads.  We think if you take the time to listen, you will have a better understanding of the journey upon which you are about to embark.

The cool thing about the podcast is the platform it creates for you to privately engage with the stories of other brave people that not only went before you, but were also willing to talk about it.  In addition, this is the opportunity to become free and take control of your life and the transformation you are seeking. In this groundbreaking, Mississippi focused podcast, you will hear deep discussions about marriage, parenting, divorce and post-divorce recovery from former clients, mental health professionals and others who work in and around the legal system or who have special knowledge they are willing to offer.  We have also published shows with people who have overcome hard circumstances to stay together.

You will hear informative, refreshing and inspiring real life stories and practical advice from the hosts and their guests. Whether you are seeking to enrich your marriage or begin the next chapter of your journey through divorce, this creative podcast will arm you with the information you need to live healthy and whole.

We are excited to continue our partnership with Kelly Engelmann, the founder of Enhanced Wellness Living, Mississippi’s leading Functional Medicine Clinic. Her team’s food-first approach to healing along with a variety of lifestyle and regenerative treatment options sets you on a journey to take control of your health and live life well.

We are also sponsored by our producers, Blue Sky Podcasting.  At Blue Sky Podcasting, they realize you want to be a confident and modern communicator. In order to do that, a successful podcast is almost mandatory. The problem is you’re unclear about the process or just too busy to run a podcast by yourself. Blue Sky wants you to be heard. They have helped lead 100’s of brands to success over the last 10 years.

New to the podcast this year is Adam Black.  Adam is a mortgage specialist. “Should I Stay or Should I Go” is not just a classic song by The Clash, it is the internal dialogue of our clients, especially in the early stages of the divorce process which entails both the physical structure of the home and the more intangible relational dynamic.  Adam is a real estate collaboration specialist with a focus on divorce mortgage management, who can help you break down the challenges of the post-COVID housing market, featuring low inventory, high prices and both inflation and interest rates on the rise. This fast-paced show will highlight the importance of working with a mortgage professional early in the process and familiarize the listener about the current real estate market.

Finally, we are excited to work with Rocks to Rivers.  Rocks to Rivers is an adventure based coaching organization that helps you become AWAKE, AWARE and ALIVE.



Real. Life. Stories.

24. I’ll Be Home for Christmas and in Therapy by New Years (Part 1)

In the first of R+E’s two-part holiday episode, divorce attorneys Matt Easterling and Craig Robertson have a conversation with marriage therapists Roane and Eva Hunter about the holiday season and navigating the often difficult family dynamics. You will enjoy this lively discussion filled with practical advice about protecting time and space with immediate family, the necessity to voice appropriate boundaries, and how people often revert to the roles they play in their families of origin when everyone gets together for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

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23. Judge Troy Odom on Grace and Respect

After 16 years of practicing law, Troy Odom decided it was time to make a career change. A man of conviction and goals, he set his sights on the bench, and when long time Chancellor John Grant announced his retirement, he was elected by the citizens of Rankin County, bringing his dream to fruition. You will hear about Judge Odom’s mentality of hard work, determination, steadfast resolve, and ability to remove emotions from his decisions. Please join our hosts Craig and Matt who visited Judge Odom in his chambers and talked about his experiences as one of the newer Judges in the Mississippi Chancery Court system. In his jurisdiction, honesty, grace and respect are the foundations of the proceedings over which he presides.

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22. Dancing Through Divorce

He spent part of his developmental years during the transition from communist Czechoslovakia to the Central European country now known as the Czech Republic, this future professional dancer left home at the age of 15 to pursue dance full time in the capital city of Prague.  During his time in Prague, he became a Christian, and later found Mississippi’s own ballet company, Ballet Magnificat!, which he later traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to join.  While dancing for Ballet Magnificat!, he met a fellow dancer, who later became his wife.  After ten years of happy marriage, the couple began to struggle to hold on to their individual identity separate and apart from their families of origin, and they divorced.  In this episode, you will hear a transparent, thoughtful, beautifully articulated story of one artist’s journey of life and love.  You will hear him speak hopefully about the future as he reflects on the community he has found a long way from his former home.

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21. The Money Shot

Join attorneys Matt Easterling and Caylan Dunnells as they go behind the scenes with seasoned private investigator, Mike Byrd. With 20+ years experience, Mike sheds light on what it takes to put together a solid case. He also delves into the warning signs one may observe when dealing with a cheating spouse, and the listener will learn how patience and perseverance are key in order to successfully deliver the money shot.

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20. A German Tells a Great American Survivor Story

Craig and guest host Cassie Dedmon spend time with their former client Heike, who is originally from Germany. Heike tells a great american survivor story… and she would do it all over again. After falling in love with a United States service member, she left her family and way of life to travel to American and become a military wife and mom. One day she went to the mailbox, found a letter, and her life has never been the same again. Instead of becoming a victim of her relationship breakdown and life circumstances, Heike found a mentor, a part time job, and enrolled in junior college. She also educated herself about the benefits for which she was eligible, even teaching her attorneys about certain military nuances in the law. You will hear Heike bravely talk about living with a combat veteran and how PTSD impacted their life. Finally, learn how Heike’s grit, determination and selfless willingness to move heaven and earth for her children is serving their family today.

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19. Kelly Engelmann:  Overcoming the “Feel Like Crap” Syndrome

Enhanced Wellness Living is Mississippi’s leading functional medicine clinic.  Craig and Matt have a conversation with its founder, Kelly Engelmann, FNP in this episode.  You will enjoy this fun, fast paced discussion about health, happiness and vitality through the lense of Kelly’s “Food First” approach to wellness.  Many Mississippians suffer from fatigue, sleep deprivation, malnourishment and low sexual function, and Kelly gives practical first steps for a healthier lifestyle like hydration, movement and intentional quiet time to decrease the cascading negative effects of stress and inflammation.  Kelly will inspire the listener to think about a pantry detox, while Matt and Craig raise questions about toxic relationships.

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18. Scott’s Story: I Have Hazel Eyes

In this powerfully thought provoking episode, Craig and Matt sit down with Scott, a music minister who has always felt “different.”  Being raised in the deep south by conservative parents, he struggled over his sexual orientation, although he married a woman in hopes to sustain a heterosexual lifestyle.  Scott’s efforts failed, and he became depressed to the point of suicide.  After finally coming out, he was divorced, separated from his son and believed he would lose everything important, especially his ministry.  Walking in his truth, he finally found freedom through the love and acceptance of an understanding church and through the blessing of his step father.  Now comfortable with his identity, Scott reflects on his journey from captivity to freedom.

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17. Sarah Duet: The Enneagram Episode

The Enneagram is a personality typing system combining modern psychology with spiritual and somatic wisdom to describe 9 distinct, dynamic ways of being in the world. Each type is characterized by perpetual, patterned responses and unique motivations arising from how one thinks, feels, and behaves. In this episode, Matt and Craig sit down with Sarah Duet from Shreveport, Louisiana. Sarah is an artist and communicator who has studied the Enneagram for over a decade. Sarah works with individuals and communities to share basic Enneagram wisdom in hopes to foster increased self-awareness, empathy, meaningful work, and the capacity for healthier relationships.

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16. Ginger’s Story: When the Music Stops

Craig and special co host Dr. Kristen Jones of Cornerstone Counseling sit down with R+E former client Ginger, a bright professional who talks about the pressures of southern women to get married and then to stay married, even if the relationship is not working.  Now looking back five years post-divorce, Ginger bravely tells about her journey and offers hope to people similarly situated.

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15. Philip K. Hardin: Into-Me-See

Meaning and belonging are core needs of human beings. A meaningful life is discovered when we are focused on things outside of ourselves, because a self-centered worldview is very small. A true sense of belonging requires intimacy (Into-Me-See), which is the act of knowing and being known. Intimacy is the foundation of all meaningful relationships. In this episode, Matt and Craig sit down with Philip K. Hardin, who is a therapist and ministry leader who has devoted his life to helping people. Phil is one of the most creative counselors in the R+E network, combining music, journaling, movies, scripture and adventure to help men discover their true self –a life filled with intimacy.

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I’ve had the privilege to work with both Craig and Matt and can say they both are outstanding to work with. From the moment I walked into their offices to finalizing my legal issues to questions that come up periodically they are always available and able to offer excellent legal advice. Would recommend them without hesitation.

We used Robertson & Easterling to finalize 5 adoptions. The staff is wonderful and Craig goes above and beyond to make sure your experience is smooth and worry free. We will definitely use them again and would recommend them to any family.

I trust Craig Robertson & Matt Easterling. These guys know what they are doing and are highly respected in the Family Law arena. I consistently recommended this group and always received huge thanks from clients that have worked with R+E.

In my child custody/guardianship case, Craig told us what to expect, how to deal with it and takes care of details. As issues have arisen over time, he (or his firm) have kept us on top of things. His strong suit is in the courtroom. He knows the law and has the confidence to carry it through. Would recommend him highly.

Who knew that family law attorneys could be pro-family? Matt and Craig are for their clients. They want what’s best for you. If that means having you work harder to stay married, they’re for it. If it means having difficult conversations to expose irrational thought processes, they have them. These guys are interested in the person that walks in the door not the check book in their pocket. I appreciate the time they spent with me. They help me understand my options and how they would potentially affect all parties involved. Thank you R+E!

Robertson & Easterling are simply the very best in their field!! I hired Matt for my divorce, and it was the best decision for me and my situation. On the very first phone call, I was put me at ease with compassion and care. From start to finish the level of detailed knowledge, professionalism, warmth, and above and beyond service, are what make this firm a standout. More importantly, they possess a very high level of integrity, honor and trustworthiness, making them, in my opinion, priceless and invaluable. You are in good hands with them, and I highly recommend Robertson & Easterling!

I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work in helping to finalize the child support settlement. You did an excellent job, and I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking expert legal advice.

Matthew Easterling was the epitome of both professionalism and compassion as he helped our family during an absolute legal crisis. Our case was unique in many aspects; including the fact that a criminal court component was involved. He not only handled our family court issues wonderfully, but he was an asset to our criminal attorney in those proceedings as well.

During the darkest days of my life I was referred to Matt Easterling by a family member. He represented me in a very complicated custody case and divorce. And then again when the situation got worse. I was being attacked at every angle and I felt like Matt came to my rescue. He worked endlessly on my case to help me get the results that I was happy and comfortable with. I felt he was very knowledgeable and always felt like I was in good hands. I would not only recommend him, but highly recommend him to anyone in need. Thanks, Matt! For everything!

Thanks for everything you did to make this divorce as painless as possible. As I said in the beginning, I wanted it my way or I would not be happy. Today, I walked out of your office with a smile on my face. I never thought I would get everything I wanted. If it wasn’t for my faith in God and my trust in you, I do not know how I would have made it to today. Again, thank you for doing such a great job! Hope we can meet on better terms in the future.

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