I’m going to say something that could not be more of an understatement.  Cancer is a drag.  My experience with the disease is next to non-existent, until now.  My sister was diagnosed with leukemia about a month ago.  The doctors kicked the cancer’s butt, but in the process, they took out the good stuff she needs to fight the everyday bad stuff we don’t even think about.  Now minor infections and yeasts and molds can be life-threatening. 

She is very sick.

As I have been sitting in the ICU- shifting from side to side in various chairs, I have been reading two books- one about writing screen plays and the other about believing God to do the impossible.  The one about believing the impossible is called Sun Stand Still by a pastor from Charlotte named Steve FurtickDonald Miller and Bob Goff recommended Save the Catwhich is the screenplay book.  The combination of reading material while Dianne silently fights for her life creates an interesting juxtaposition about the structure of story coupled with the necessity of audacious faith to live a good one.

My sister is a woman who has audacious faith.  She can’t talk right now, but I hear her words through my niece and brother-in-law.  This is a catalytic moment in their lives- it will usher in change.  They will not be the same on the other side of cancer- whether my sister rejoins us or not.

A divorce is your cancer.  It can be the end of your life or the catalyst into which you are thrust which will usher in your positive character change- the one after the journey through the “All is Lost” and “Dark Night of the Soul” scenes that you will arise from the ashes having proven the theme of your life- even if it were a little uncomfortable.

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