So I am working this case with a lawyer who does not practice family law. She is blowing up my email about things that in no way shape or form merits attorneys speaking to one another. It is utterly annoying.

I wrote a blog article called Don’t Kick the Ant Bed this past December. While the subject matter is different, the principal of wasted resources remains the same. The inability to speak with your spouse or former spouse about simple stuff is a colossal waste of time and money. There is no reason that I, as your attorney, should have to be coordinating simple stuff like leaving a key under the door mat so that one person can retrieve toiletries from the house. Look, if you pay me enough money, I will shampoo your dog and pick up your laundry, but I don’t know very many people that like just flat wasting money, and I certainly don’t like being an accomplice when it comes to wasted resources. Unfortunately, some clients and even attorneys don’t know any better.

Here’s your much anticipated caveat- Sometimes lawyers have to deal with small stuff. That’s what we do and it’s fine. Lawyers work on minutiae. Normal people hate it. We (some of us) love it.

I am a big picture kind of guy. I think you have to keep the big picture in focus at all times. If whatever it is we are doing does not move you closer to your goal- I would rather not do it. It is that simple.

By: Craig Robertson 

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